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Sep 12, 2012

Change your mind

Change your mind: thay doi tam tri cua ban

  • Destiny:so phan
  • Obstacles:Nhung tro ngai
  • Frightful: khung khiep,ghe so

  • are you those frightful things you see: ban co nhung dieu khung khiep ma ban nhin thay

  • goal:dich,muc tieu
  • are creator of your own:ban chinh la nguoi tao ra so phan cua ban
  • if you want to make your dreams come true: Neu ban muon bien uoc mo cua minh tro thanh su that
  • the first thing you have to do is:dieu dau tien ban phai lam la
  • wake up: thuc day
  • always act like you're wearing an invisible crown: Luon luon hanh dong nhu ban dang doi mot chiec vuong mien vo hinh
  • invisible:vo hinh
  • act:hanh dong,hanh vi
  • failure is simple the stepping stone to success: that bai don gian la buoc dem cho thanh cong
  • rejection:su hat hui
  • a man who faced many rejection from newspaper editors: Mot nguoi dan ong phai doi mat voi nhieu su tu choi(khong chap thuan) tu bao chi
  • they said he had no talent: ho noi ong ta khong co tai
  • became the biggest creator: tro thanh mot tac gia vi dai
  • he’s waltdisney
  • a man failed 10000 times: Mot nguoi dan ong da that bai hon mot nghin lan
  • before he made the electric light: truoc khi ong ay sang che ra den dien
  • he’s edison
  • business: viec kinh doanh,buon ban
  • a man who failed in business at the age of 21: mot nguoi dan ong that bai trong kinh doanh o tuoi 21
  • his sweetheart died at age 26: nguoi yeu cua ong qua doi o tuoi 26
  • had a nervous breakdown at age 27: ong bi suy nhuoc than kinh o tuoi 27
  • became the president of the United states: da tro thanh tong thong cua nuoc my
  • he’s Abraham lincol
  • learn from the life stories of these people: hoc hoi tu nhung cau chuyen cuoc song cua nhung nguoi nay
  • turn your negatives into positives: bien nhung tieu cuc cua ban thanh tich cuc
  • don't wait .the time will never be just right: khong cho doi.thoi gian se khong bao gio cho doi …
  • definite: xac dinh,
  • create a definite plan for carrying  out your desire and begin at once: hay tao ra mot ke hoach ro rang va bat dau thuc hien no desire:khat khao
  • whether you ready or not,put this plan into action: lieu ban da san sang hay chua,bien ke hoach thanh hanh dong
  • start your day with a positive: bat dau mot ngay cua ban voi mot suy nghi tich cuc
  • responsibility: su chiu trach nhiem
  • love to take responsibility: tinh yeu den trach nhiem
  • when your desire are strong enough:khi khat khao cua ban du manh
  • appear: xuat hien
  • possess:chiem huu
  • superhuman:sieu pham
  • achieve:dat duoc,gianh duoc
  • you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve: ban se xuat hien mot nang luc sieu pham de dat duoc than cong
  • patience: kien nhan
  • persistence:su kien tri
  • perspiration: su do mo hoi(vat va)
  • combination: su phoi hop
  • unbeatable: vo dich
  • make an unbeatable combination for success: lam cho mot su ket hop hoan hao  nhat cho su thanh cong
  • go for it:thuc hien no
  • think and grow rich: suy nghi va tro nen giau co

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